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Goode, Mervyn
Born 1948
Selected Work :
Shade in a cornfield corner
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As one of the country's leading landscape painters, Mervyn Goode's work should need little introduction.

Born in 1948, he studied Landscape Architecture at the Gloucestershire College of Art, but bravely eschewed this career at the age of 21 to pursue his true vocation as a painter. His first one-man exhibition, at the Highton Gallery in London, in 1970 was a 'sell-out', and stimulated considerable interest in and achieved rare acclaim for one so young, from Collectors and Critics, both here and abroad. In reviewing that Exhibition, the Sunday Telegraph Art Critic described him as a painter "who is in love with trees, nature, reality, creation and peace itself."

Mervyn Goode's career has flourished since that time. Numerous One-man exhibitions held in London and the provinces; A One-man Exhibition in the U.S.A; countless invited featurings in Mixed Exhibitions in Public and Private Galleries throughout the country; television featurings; and a never increasing demand from Collectors in the UK and abroad, all bear witness to Mervyn Goode's success, and to the esteem in which his work is held.

Mervyn Goode has devoted himself, throughout his career, exclusively to landscape painting, resolutely refusing to be caught or cushioned by the 'trappings' of those temptation which spell anathema for him: teaching and accepting commissioned paintings - one of the few living artists to do so.

For more than twenty years now, Mervyn Goode has lived with his wife Stephanie, and their successive Labrador dogs, in a rambling country house between Hawkley and Selbourne, in Hampshire. Deep in an environment of ancient, sunken tree-canopied lanes, and within the sound of the River Rother, the artist's home and studio commands open and idyllic views across the wooded hanger of Noar Hill and along a secluded valley and rolling farmland towards the far-reaching landscape beyond - all of which feature so often in his works.

A keen naturalist, and conservationist, part of his wooded garden is a small nature reserve - where badgers, foxes, deer and all species of wildlife and birds are welcome. He is in good company, historically, for this is the Hampshire 'Hangers' area once dear to the Selbourne naturalist Gilbert White; home to the poet Edward Thomas, who lived at nearby Steep; and enthusiastically recorded by William Cobbett in "Rural Rides".

Mervyn Goode is an Artist for whom to live among and know intimately the nuances of his cherished corner of the countryside, in all its moods and seasons is vital - the resulting empathy and rapport providing the inspiration which he is dedicating to portraying on canvas.

Not a prolific artist, the joy of painting for Mervyn Goode lies almost as much in the experience of seeking out subject matter, as in the execution of painting itself, so that the two disciplines are inextricably bound up for him in the one creative process.

That process is, for Mervyn Goode, a solitary one. He will walk for hours, and often days at a time. Venturing sometimes into neighbouring Sussex or Surrey, and sometimes further afield - but more often by tramping the countryside near to his home - he delights in walking through the area's sunken 'Green Lanes' and its ancient woodland and meadows; alongside his favourite rivers; and over rolling downland - finding constant inspiration in often forgotten and abandoned corners of the countryside.

He is an artist who views the landscape from an intimate view point, rather than in seeking out 'the obvious'; for he is mindful of Constable's counselling - that Nature never reveals herself to the arrogant painter in the fullness of her glory, and the landscape painter must go into the field with a humble mind. Resolutely forswearing artistic fashion - choosing to paint the landscape which he loves in the way that he wishes - Mervyn Goode likes to feel that - while admitting to the early influenc

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