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Newberry, John
Born 1934
Nationality British
Selected Work :
Gateway, Khan el Khalili, Cairo
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The attraction of John Newberry's watercolours is that they are about the enjoyment of seeing. All his painting life he has been looking - thinking about how things can be handled with brush and pigments on paper. Looking and painting are not the same thing. The painter can still complete with the camera especially through selection and dynamics. John Newberry is competitive; why should the camera have the best subjects? The special ingredient is his sense of space, of where things are in his landscapes, in the solidity of his buildings. Many painters can convey the calligraphy of the patterns on a mosque, but to place them in a wall in the middle distance so that we sense where it stands on the far side of the square is a different matter. His training in architecture clarified his feeling for three dimensions, his scultptural sense, his awareness of space. The pictures are usually of 'abroad'. He likes to discover for himself cities and landscapes around the world and to bring home a bagful of pictures as holiday snaps. He is making a record and the knowledge that it is like this on the only day of his only visit adds to his confidence.

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